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Reaching Prophetic Office - Full Course

Everything To Look Forward To When You Reach Prophetic Office
8 Lessons - 670 Minutes - Degree: MMin

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Functioning in prophetic ministry is something that all believers can do. But when God calls you to move higher into the Prophetic Office, your ministry involves far more.

This course details all that you will face once you have finally qualified for and been placed into Prophetic Office. You will learn about the key of authority you will receive and how to use that key to release the will of God into the earth.

None of these functions involve speaking prophetic words which are a lower-level function of simple prophetic ministry. You will see instead, the true functions of someone who reaches full office.

Course Contents - Curriculum

Reaching Prophetic Office

1. The Prophetic Office

2. Prophetic Rejection

3. Prophetic Deception

4. Prophetic Maturity - Beyond The Office

5. The Prophetic Key

6. Prophetic Intercession - Interceding as a Prophet in Office

7. Prophetic Music

8. Prophetic Warfare

R1850.00 - $124.00

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