If You Have a Fivefold Ministry Calling

Or Just Want To Serve The Lord Better

We have comprehensive courses that will train and mold you

Now you can study every subject related to the Fivefold Ministry. If God has called you to be an Apostle, Prophet, Teacher, Pastor or Evangelist then you need to be equipped to carry out your Fivefold Ministry Calling

Apostle Les D. Crause

Apostle Les D. Crause laid a foundation for training Apostles and Prophets while resident in Mexico over 20 years ago. Then he added a whole new dimension of training for those called to be Fivefold Entrepreneurs.

After returning to his homeland, South Africa, in 2014, he continued to add further foundational teachings on the Teacher, Pastor, and Evangelist.

Now, having completed his mandate to lay a foundation for the Body of Christ, he has handed the baton over to Apostle Nadine Stohler, who is in the process of adding new teachings, starting with additional teachings for the Prophetic Ministry.

Apostle Nadine Stohler

All materials produced by both Les and Nadine are available on this website. And they will continue to add further materials over time as the Lord inspires and leads.

Many of these new materials will be available only in a written format at first and will be included as set books for additional courses as they are added.

The list of courses shown here includes all the courses needed in order to qualify for a degree from GBM Academy. You can see which courses apply to which degrees by going to the degrees page, using the link from the menu or by going directly to the page using this address:


Where a course carries a credit towards a qualification such as a degree certificate you will be able to do the course as part of your study curriculum when studying for a degree with GBM Academy. You will find more on this from our main school website at https://gbm-academy.com

If you wish to study only specific courses without a degree in mind, you may purchase any of the courses available and study them at your leisure. Even courses needed for degrees may be studied at your own pace. You could purchase several at once and study them all, together if you so wish.

Each course contains practical projects which need to be submitted for marking in order to obtain the credits needed for that course. Marking of course projects will only be carried out once you have completed the course so that you can be graded for that course.

However, if you opted to receive mentorship along with your studies and have enrolled in our mentorship program, your projects will be marked as you submit them, and your trainer will guide you step by step through your studies.

You will find out more about mentorship and what is required to receive mentorship, from the main GBM Academy website mentioned above.

General Courses

Many of our courses are designed to join together as part of a degree curriculum for Apostles, Prophets, Pastors and Teachers and Fivefold Entrepreneurs. But there are also many other courses that cover most aspects of the spiritual life.

You can study any of the courses without having to complete a degree course. And you can do them in any order you desire. You can also do several courses together if you have the time.

Becoming A Student

You may study any single course by enrolling and paying for the course. There is no limit to the number of courses you may do at a time, provided you have paid for all of them.

You will receive an electronic diploma on the completion of each course as proof that you completed that course. You may print this out and display it as you wish.

Before purchasing courses you will be required to register as a student so that we may keep all your studies together in one place. This is free and only needs to be done once. After that, your student status will be recognized each time you log in.

If you attempt to enroll in a course and have not yet enrolled as a student, you will be asked to do that first. This can be done using the link found on each page or by going directly there using the following web address:

Enroll As Student

Students who complete degree courses will also be eligible to take part in our annual Graduation Ceremony, where they will be able to receive their certificates publicly on graduation.

Those who cannot attend the graduation may request that their certificates be sent to them.

What You Get In Each Course

Each course contains all the materials that you will need in order to study that subject in full detail. You will be given access to view or download the following:

  1. Course Textbooks / Transcripts
  2. Course Video Lectures
  3. Course Audio Lectures
  4. Course Practical Projects

The course cost includes all of these, so you will need no further materials in order to complete each course, and there will be no additional hidden costs.

If you wish to purchase textbooks only on additional subjects instead of enrolling in a course, you may purchase these from our bookshop at https://gbm-bookshop.com

You will be given additional recommended reading options in the courses, so that you can know which additional books to read for further information.