Questions About GBM Courses and how they work

Question – How does course enrollment work?

Answer – Go to Courses Available and click Enroll Now on the course of your choosing. After this you will be taken to a page where you may choose to pay through PayFast (South African Rands) or PayPal (US Dollars).

Once payment is complete you will automatically be released into the course and it will be available on the Your Courses Page as long as you are logged into your account with us.

Question – Are Degrees available?

Answer – Yes, we offer degrees based on the courses that you have studied. You can enroll in all the courses for a specific degree and study them in any order. Once the required courses have been completed you may request the degree from us, which will require payment of a small fee.

We will then check if you qualify for the degree.

Question – How do I study the courses I enrolled in?

Answer – Make sure that you have logged into the website first, Then go to Your Courses and you will see the list of all enrolled courses. You may study the course by clicking View Course and then you will be taken to a page with all the lessons/lectures in that course.

Each lecture contains video, audio and PDF ebooks files to download or view online.

Question – Are other payment methods accepted?

Answer – If you are in South Africa and wish to do a direct deposit to pay for a course, please contact us first about this and we can arrange to have you released after payment.

Other than this we do not accept other payment methods besides PayFast and PayPal which are both secure and can accept most credit/debit cards.