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Study of Salvation - Full Course

The Full Doctrine of Salvation Explained Simply
4 Lessons - 215 Minutes - Degree: BMin

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Salvation is the first and most important thing we experience when we become believers. But so few really understand all that is involved.

This course on the doctrine of salvation will explain it all to you and lay things out in a way that will drop the pieces into place for you. Starting with the original sin in the Garden of Eden, we trace the plans God made to bring us back to Himself. You will learn about the Covenants of God and the New Birth which is God's ultimate covenant blessing to us.

Course Contents - Curriculum


1. Soteriology - Salvation

2. Soteriology - The Covenants of God

3. Soteriology - The New Covenant

4. Soteriology - The New Birth

R400.00 - $25.00

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