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Making Of a Prophet - Full Course

How You Will Be Trained and Released Into Full Prophetic Office
12 Lessons - 480 Minutes - Degree: MMin

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This course is the most comprehensive training to prepare and launch you into the full Prophetic Office. It will show you what is involved, what price you will need to pay and what will be involved in functioning in this office when you qualify.

You will identify why many things have happened to you in life, and understand why you had to go through those things to help prepare you for this very high calling.

Then you will also see the stages you need to go through before qualifying fully as a prophet in office, and the kind of price you will have to pay to reach this level of ministry authority.

Course Contents - Curriculum

The Making of a Prophet

1. Prophetic Preparation Part 1

2. Prophetic Preparation Part 2

3. Prophetic Preparation Part 3

4. Templates and Triggers Part 1

5. Templates and Triggers Part 2

6. The Power and Face of Resurrection

7. Elijah - The Training of a Prophet Part 1

8. Elijah - The Training of a Prophet Part 2

9. Discipleship Lesson 01 - Mentoring

10. Discipleship Lesson 02 - Discipling

11. The Price of Discipleship

12. The Sons of The Prophets

R1850.00 - $124.00

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