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Ministry of Prayer - Full Course

How To Pray At a Higher Level In Ministry
6 Lessons - 260 Minutes - Degree: MMin

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All believers are called to spend time in prayer as part of their spiritual life. But when the Lord calls you to leadership in ministry, the way you carry out prayers can change drastically.

In the Old Testament the cities were surrounded by walls, and there were specific tasks that needed to be carried out by those who were appointed to patrol the walls. The watchman was given the task of looking out for any signs of attack from the enemy. There were also gatekeepers who were responsible to ensure that the gates remain closed until it was safe to let someone in.

In the Old Testament prophets were considered spiritual watchmen, watching over the work of God, and detecting and warning when the enemy, Satan, attacked. This function is still part of those called to function as prophets in the New Testament.

This course will teach you prayer at a new level, included prophetic prayer, apostolic prayer and other kinds of prayer that you were probably not aware of. It will change the way you pray from now on.

Course Contents - Curriculum

Prayer As A Ministry and Calling

1. Prayer as a Ministry and Calling - The Prayer Wall

2. Prayer as a Ministry and Calling - The Gate Keepers

3. Apostolic Prayer

4. The God Kind of Prayer

5. God Kind of Prayer Part 2 - Praying in The Kingdom

6. Prayer and Fasting

R1125.00 - $90.00

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