If you desire to receive personal mentorship and direction from us, you can ask us for a mentorship relationship.

This option is different from purchasing courses up front and studying them how you want. You will be required to commit to a monthly recurring payment with us.

Mentorship means that you will interact personally online and via email with your mentor. They will take you through step by step in the direction they see the Lord taking you.

Joining For Mentorship Offers the Following:

  • You will be required to commit to monthly payment during the time you are in a mentorship relationship with us.
  • You will be allowed to join 3 courses at a time, these will be decided by your mentor. You cannot join an additional course until your mentor is happy that you have complete one of the 3 courses courses.
  • You will be required to study the course materials, submit projects online and interact with your mentor based on what direction they give to you.
  • Interaction is done through emails and project markings. Though it can include closer interaction depending on your lecturer.


Currently there are 2 options in our mentorship program.

Apostolic mentorship – R700 or $60 per month
Prophetic Mentorship – R600 or $50 per month

Not everyone will be ready to commit to a mentorship relationship with us. As such we reserve the right to turn down anyone who we believe is not yet ready for this kind of relationship.

Should we not be willing to accept you for mentorship, you are still free to purchase courses and study on our online school at your own pace.

If you wish to join for mentorship please contact us using the contact link or WhatsApp us at +27 76 326 9105 (John Crause)