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Solving Counseling Problems 2 - Full Course

Solving Problems With Insecurity, Self Image, Grief and Stress
6 Lessons - 330 Minutes - Degree: MMin

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Some problems are a bit more complex and need specialized knowledge and approaches. This course deals with the three main problems that fall into this category.

Self-hate, insecurity or inferiority are very common problems which few understand, and there is very little that can be offered to help people experiencing these. You will learn how to counsel people with these problems in this course.

When you have someone who has just experienced a life-shattering experience such as death or the breaking up of a close relationship you often do not quite know what to say. This course will show you the mechanics of grief and how to help people going through it.

Stress, the big 'S' word that plagues us all can have devastating effects on our lives and our health. You will learn how stress comes about and how to handle it Scripturally.

Course Contents - Curriculum

Solving Counseling Problems

1. Insecurity and Self Image Part 1

2. Insecurity and Self Image Part 2

3. Counseling Those in Grief - Part 1

4. Counseling Those in Grief - Part 2

5. Dealing With Stress Part 1

6. Dealing With Stress Part 2

R600.00 - $36.00

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