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How to Preach and Teach - Full Course

How to Prepare And Present Sermons And Bible Studies
2 Lessons - - Degree: BMin

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As a Pastor one of your main regular functions will be to preach a sermon each week. And if you also have a teaching function that means presenting things in a way that people will understand and remember.

This is not something that comes naturally so you need to learn how to prepare a sermon, and how to present it. And if you want to teach, you also need to learn what is involved in becoming an effective teacher of the Word.

This course is designed to fill in all the gaps that are missing in your training, and it will make you into a powerful and effective preacher and teacher of the Word if you apply all the principles you will learn.

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How to Preach and Teach

1. The Art of Preaching

2. Preaching With Purpose

R500.00 - $30.00

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