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Seven Apostolic Functions 2 - Full Course

Teaching, Parenting and Managing as Functions of Apostolic Leaders
5 Lessons - 300 Minutes - Degree: MMin

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In this second and final course on the Seven Functions of Apostolic Leadership you will learn the final three functions. Since these are usually at a much higher level and are only carried out by more mature apostles, this course has been left for when you are more ready for it. One of the subjects that is often misunderstood is spiritual or apostolic parenting. This course will drop all the pieces in place for you.

Course Contents - Curriculum

Seven Functions of Apostolic Leadership 2

1. The Apostolic Teacher/Trainer

2. Spiritual DNA and Parenting

3. Spiritual Parenting

4. Apostolic Parenting

5. Apostolic Manager

R935.00 - $75.00

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