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Pastoral Calling - Full Course

Moving into your calling as a Pastor
7 Lessons - - Degree: MMin

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The ministry of a Pastor is not clearly shown in the New Testament, because the functions of a shepherd were carried out by the elders of the church.

To understand how a pastor works, we need to go back to the Old Testament and learn from the ultimate Pastor that God called to lead His people. That person was Moses, who led the nation of Israel to the Promised Land.

This course will teach you how a Pastor should function in the local church, and you will also learn how God prepares Pastors for their calling. Since the Pastor is a leader you will also lead a few important principles on how to be a good leader.

Course Contents - Curriculum

Pastoral Calling

1. The Pastoral Functions

2. Pastoral Preparation and Training Part 1

3. Pastoral Preparation and Training Part 2

4. Pastoral Preparation and Training Part 3

5. Pastoral Leadership Part 1

6. Pastoral Leadership Part 2

7. Pastoral Calling and Ordination

R600.00 - $36.00

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