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Teaching Calling - Full Course

Moving into full Teaching Office
9 Lessons - - Degree: MMin

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The most common situation is for a Pastor to also function as a Teacher. For this reason the list of leadership ministries given in Ephesian 4:11, commonly known as the Fivefold Ministry, actually lists the Pastor-Teacher as one ministry instead of two.

We have therefore included in this course a complete coverage of how a teacher functions, so that you can develop this side of your ministry as a Pastor.

You will learn what the teaching anointing looks like, how God prepares the teacher for ministry, and how the teacher functions practically in ministry.

Course Contents - Curriculum

Teaching Calling

1. The Signs of The Teaching Calling

2. The Teaching Purpose

3. Teaching Anointing Part 1

4. Teaching Anointing Part 2

5. The Teaching Preparation Part 1

6. The Teaching Preparation Part 2

7. The Functions of a Teacher Part 1

8. The Functions of a Teacher Part 2

9. Teaching Office

R900.00 - $55.00

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