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Bible Doctrine - Full Course

All The Main Bible Doctrines Laid Out Simply For You
5 Lessons - 330 Minutes - Degree: BMin

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One of the main functions of a Pastor is to lay down a foundation of basic doctrine for believers

This course covers all of the most important Bible doctrines that you will need to understand in order to carry out this task.

You will learn how God made mankind to function, the main problem we face in being all that He made us to be, and what He put into us to help us live a life of blessing. Then you will learn about God Himself and how God manifested Himself to us in the Lord Jesus Christ.

And finally you will learn how God set in motion a plan of salvation that enables us to overcome the effects of sin and experience all the benefits of what Jesus accomplished on the cross of Calvary for us.

Course Contents - Curriculum

Bible Doctrine

1. The Doctrine of Man

2. The Doctrine of God

3. The Doctrine of God and Christ

4. Salvation - Reaching The Goal

5. Salvation and the New Birth

R500.00 - $30.00

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The Best

Rated: By John From South Africa on 2020-03-17

This is one of the best courses on the basics of Bible Doctrine. If you are looking for a good course that can explain things in simple terms, this is the course for you.

If you are looking for a huge theological course, this is not for you. But I believe every believer should have this course.