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Developing Prophetic Ministry - Full Course

Learn How To Get Better At All The Prophetic Functions
7 Lessons - 300 Minutes - Degree: BMin

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You already have seen some operation of the prophetic gifts in you, but you want to flow more effectively and really excel in the gifts that are needed for the Prophetic Ministry. This course shows you how to develop all of these gifts and prepare to rise up into a more active Prophetic Ministry.

Course Contents - Curriculum

Perfecting Your Prophetic Ministry

1. PYPM - Everyone Can Prophesy

2. PYPM - How to Prophesy

3. PYPM - How to Prophesy Continued

4. PYPM - Practicing Prophecy

5. PYPM - Speaking in Writing

6. BONUS - Basics of Prophetic Ministry

7. PYPM - Praise and Worship

R1050.00 - $70.00

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