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Apostolic Minister - Full Course

The Four Main Types of Ministry Apostle and What They Do
5 Lessons - 360 Minutes - Degree: MMin

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Not all apostles have the same emphasis in ministry. There are in fact two main categories of Apostles - Ministry Apostles and Business Apostles.

This course deals specifically with ministry apostles, and shows that God has set in place four different kinds of Ministry Apostles. Since very little is taught in the New Testament concerning these types of Apostles, we have gone back into the Old Testament and taken principles from the lives of great men of God who are pictures of the Apostolic Function. You will learn how to use allegories to do this, and see how this is accomplished from the lives of Moses, David, Joshua and Solomon.

Course Contents - Curriculum

The Apostolic Minister

1. Apostolic Types

2. The Allegories of Scripture

3. Joshua The Revival Apostle

4. David - The Apostle of Restoration and Renewal

5. The Solomon Apostle and Summary

R935.00 - $75.00

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