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David The Apostolic Model - Full Course

What You Can Expect If You Are Called To Be An Apostle
5 Lessons - 230 Minutes - Degree: BMin

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There are several different kinds of Apostles that God is raising up in the Church today. Sone of them are called mainly to do the work of the ministry, but some will specialize in more of a business calling. David is one of the types of ministry apostle, but he is actually a lot more than this. His life and training are a picture of what every true apostle goes through. In this course, you will learn all the basics that apply to all apostles, as seen in the life of David.

Course Contents - Curriculum

David The Apostolic Prototype

1. Preparation of the Apostle

2. The Call to Training

3. Separation From The System

4. Leaving The System

5. Qualifying For Apostolic Office

R935.00 - $75.00

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