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Apostolic Implementers 1 - Full Course

Apostles who make things happen - Joshua
5 Lessons - 260 Minutes - Degree: MMin

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Amongst the four Apostolic Types, there are two main groups. Firstly there are the apostolic originators, who function as fathers in the Apostolic ministry. Moses and David are this type of apostle.

The second two apostolic types are considered apostolic implementers, because they were given the task of implementing the principles that were laid out by their fathers. So Joshua followed on from Moses and completed what Moses started.

This course covers all the functions of the Joshua apostle and shows how this kind of apostle functions in ministry.

Course Contents - Curriculum

The Joshua Apostle

1. Joshua Apostle Part 1

2. Joshua Apostle Part 2

3. The Anguish of Ai

4. Dealing With Gibeon

5. The Rest of Revival

R935.00 - $75.00

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